Fascinating Facts about Travel

Before you set off on a trip and probably switch off your devices to focus on unwinding and enjoying the experience, you should have a look at some facts about travel. After having a long talk with a travel pal of mine by the name of Austin that travels a lot thanks to his success at Southwest Appliance Repair. Here are some of the facts he shared about traveling that you will find truly fascinating:

Jet Lag Has the Worst Feeling when Traveling from West to East

The human’s internal clock has a natural sleep/wake modes cycle that is slightly longer than 24 hours. When you travel from east to west, the day becomes shorter. When you travel from east to west, the day becomes longer thereby making adapting easier for your brain.

Novelty Remembrance

Naturally, the brain is made to recall novelty. Therefore, to remember a vacation longer, include a dramatic scenery exchange in the middle. Stop sizzling on a beach and go on a boat trip out of waters. Consider spending a day in the mountains to make the experience better and memorable.

It’s Normal to Forget People’s Names

When traveling abroad, you are likely to forget people’s names a few seconds after the introduction. That doesn’t mean you are stupid or rude. It’s because the introduction happens at a time when your focus is elsewhere, and that’s on making an awesome first impression. To avoid forgetting the name of a person, use it immediately after the introduction.

You Enjoy Travel Better when You Spend Money on Experiences

Instead of spending money buying items, spend it on experiences. Experiences provide a reason for waiting in anticipation. They provide memories to remember after the trip. Additionally, experiences are sharp and short. That means you do not have sufficient time for adapting to the happenings and even normalize the mind. This is what happens after purchasing an item.

The best part of a trip is actually not the trip itself. It’s the anticipation of being away from home. However, you make the experience better when your spend time away doing things that make you happier.

Crucial Travel Vaccinations for Thailand

Thailand is a popular travel destination for people from other parts of the world, including America and Europe. The fantastic geographical features, tropical monsoon climate, people, and local cultures make Thailand an attractive destination. But please consider the health risks of traveling there.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still looming, it would be wise to travel to Thailand with a COVID-19 jab. However, this is one of many crucial vaccinations you will need if you plan to travel there soon. 

Yellow Fever

You will need a yellow fever vaccination, especially if you come from a country where the disease is prevalent. Thailand is also among the high-risk countries. So, even if you come from a low-risk country, get a yellow fever vaccination to reduce the risk of getting the disease while enjoying your travel.

Hepatitis A

You will need a hepatitis A jab to travel to Thailand. The country is among the high-risk countries because of sanitation issues. 


You will need a tetanus vaccination to travel to Thailand. And this is part of the mandatory travel vaccinations. But also realize that tetanus is rampant in Thailand, so vaccination is vital for your health.


A malaria vaccination is also crucial for your travel to Thailand. Mosquitoes are a significant problem in Thailand. Mosquitoes spread malaria, so to reduce the risk of getting malaria while traveling, get a malaria vaccine. 

Take Away

Crucial travel vaccinations for Thailand are essential for your health and to ensure compliance with legal requirements. Ensure that you get all the vital vaccinations well in advance before leaving for Thailand. And this could be even eight weeks before traveling. Getting the proper vaccination will improve your trip by ensuring you don’t fall sick while away from home.

Best Snacks to Pack When Traveling

Eating when traveling is crucial to have the energy to explore and enjoy your trip. While you can eat anything you like, don’t let your guard down regarding the health and safety of food. You don’t want to rush to the hospital for food poisoning because you decided to eat every available snack on the way. Here are some of the best snacks to pack when traveling.


You can never go wrong with yogurt. There are various flavors of yogurt that you can choose from depending on your taste and preference. Yogurt is a good travel snack because it is nourishing with proteins, fat, and energy. Moreover, yogurt has a long shelf life, meaning you don’t have to worry about it spoiling during your trip.


Cheese is an excellent snack to pack when you travel. Cheese comes in different forms, including cheese slicks, crisps, and slices. Therefore, you have many options from which to pick your favorite. Cheese contains various valuable nutrients, including calcium, protein, fat, and vitamins. Your body will gain from eating the cheese when traveling. However, you may want to go for low-fat cheese.


Always have fruits when traveling. You have a wide range of choices, from fresh Apples, oranges, and mangoes to bananas. Eating fruits is healthy even when not touring. Don’t let the hassle of traveling make you forget to eat fruits. Eating fruits while traveling will provide you with essential vitamins, hydration, and minerals. 


Never travel without water. Water is life even when traveling, and drinking it keeps you hydrated. Suffering dehydration can ruin your whole travel experience. Therefore, ensure that you carry a bottle or two of clean drinking water when traveling. You can refill your empty bottle whenever you find a clean water source.

The Bottom Line

Snacking is essential when traveling as it provides you with the energy and nutrients you need. The type of snack to pack should depend on the nutritional value and convenience. Just don’t forget to maintain a healthy habit when traveling.

How Cryptocurrencies Affect the Travel Industry

The travel industry is experiencing the tremendous impact of cryptocurrencies. Today, many people want to travel and pay their expenses with Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Here’s how digital currencies affect the travel sector. 

Secure Payments 

Many travel agents and companies are now accepting the new currency. One can now book their flight using different Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Paying for your flight with cryptocurrency lowers the cost of conversion and transaction. It’s also fraud-free.

Blockchain technology validates cryptocurrency transactions. And this makes them more secure than debit or credit cards since they do not need 3rd party verification. Travelers’ payment information is stored in their crypto wallets and recorded in a decentralized ledger.

Managing and Tracking of Luggage is Assured

The technology used in cryptocurrencies is precious in protecting passenger information since it helps companies bypass 3rd party vendors.

Cryptocurrencies’ decentralized systems make accessing transaction data straightforward for travel companies. Ideally, anybody in the blockchain can confirm transaction details before providing a service. 

Better Data Security

Blockchain provides a secure data protection technology. Its encrypted nature makes it possible to validate transactions without personally identifying information, such as the customers’ names and email addresses.

With crypto, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your Money and data since you can travel to any place without losing your personal information.

Loyalty Program

Many travel agencies and companies have loyalty programs where customers get rewards and discounts for paying with cryptocurrencies. Travel companies can use blockchain technology in loyalty programs. And these programs help these companies to retain customers while attracting others.

Parting Shot

Cryptocurrencies use blockchain and cryptography. People or computers called miners solve math puzzles to generate new digital coins.

And this shows that cryptocurrency is safe and secure hence trusted by the travel industry operators and travelers. The chances are that many sectors will embrace cryptocurrency in the next few years.

Travel Experiences That Can Transform Your Life Forever

If you want to change your life, consider going on a carefully planned trip. Traveling can be a life-changing experience. This article covers some of the travel experiences that can transform your life forever.

Solo Travel

Traveling alone to an unknown place is a popular trend. However, some people see it as a daunting and scary experience. But, solo travel allows you to take charge of whatever you do away from home. You plan the trip, decide where to and what to do while there. Solo travel doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable or lonely. It means you’re free to do whatever you wish and interact with whoever you want. And most importantly, you can spend your time away reflecting on life and deciding on your next step.

Volunteering Abroad

You can volunteer and assist some people in third-world countries. For instance, you can volunteer to help people after a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, or even doing something that can improve a community’s living standard. The appreciation you will receive from such people can be life-changing. What’s more, you can change another person’s life when you travel and volunteer abroad.

Traveling to a Completely Different Place

Some people want to visit the same place every year. However, choosing a different destination whenever you travel can transform your life. That’s because traveling to another place provides a learning or educational experience. Traveling to a new destination can broaden your perspective and open your eyes to help you learn about various aspects of other people and their country.

Traveling with Strangers

Your friends or relatives are not always your best travel companions. Some people think they can’t travel with individuals they don’t share the same lifestyle and interests. However, traveling with strangers teaches you to bond and interact with new people. You can even form friendships that will last a lifetime when you travel with strangers.

Traveling should be enjoyable and transformative. Consider these travel experiences if you wish to change your life.

Holiday Travel Stress: Simple Ways to Deal with It

Thanksgiving is a busy and most stressful travel time. That’s because almost everybody wants to get to a holiday destination. This leads to a lot of traffic, serious crowds, and delays. Consequently, most people experience travel holiday stress at this time. Unfortunately, this stress can take a toll on you. That’s why you need these tips for dealing with holiday travel stress. 

Know What Stresses You about Holiday Travel 

Holiday travel induces stress on some levels. However, this should not be a reason to avoid holiday travel. You just need to identify what stresses you about holiday travel and then deal with it. For instance, maybe talking to your spouse or partner can help. Bringing the favorite toy for your kid can also be a way to reduce holiday travel stress. Simply identity your causes of holiday travel stress and ways to deal with them. 

Carry the Most Important Items 

A major cause of holiday travel stress is forgetting essential travel items. Therefore, make sure that nothing that you include in your packing list is left behind. You can even come up with a packing list with your loved ones to ensure that they remind you about important items to include in your list. 

Consider Off-Peak Travel 

If possible, don’t travel during the holidays. That’s because everybody wants to travel at this time. The many travelers at the airports, train stations, and bus stations can make travel overwhelming. Therefore, consider traveling during off-peak times. That way, you can avoid crowds and congestions at different stations.

Prepare for Conflicts and Delays 

Prepare your mind for conflicts and delays that are associated with holiday travels. That way, you won’t be stressed by a flight delay. You will also not be stressed when somebody skips the queue at the airport. 

Follow these tips to deal with holiday travel stress. However, consider traveling during the off-peak moments if possible. 

How to Travel As a Job

Contrary to what some people often think, traveling is not just about spending. There are lots of options today for travelers to experience the world while also making money. Some travel jobs will not only cater to your travel expenses but, also allow you to live a better life back at home. Here are some of the best ways through which you can travel as a job. 

Working in the Travel Sector 

Securing a job in the travel industry is one of the best ways for you to travel the world and get paid. Although not all the travel industry jobs guarantee traveling, some jobs will offer you greater opportunities to travel to various parts of the world frequently. The main travel sector jobs with better opportunities for traveling include the following. 

  • Flight attendants 
  • Cruise ship workers 
  • Travel agents 
  • Tour guides 

Become an International Aid Worker 

Getting a job as an international aid worker can also allow you to explore different cultures around the world, making a difference in other people’s lives and getting paid. Organizations like the Red Cross, Peace Corps Volunteers, and USAID often recruit candidates to boost their services delivery in various parts of the world and, could provide greater travel opportunities with compensation benefits. 

Travel Blogging 

This is another common job for travelers that you should consider if you want to make some money traveling. You can opt to do travel photography or write about travel experiences across various destinations. With a good travel blog, you can easily make money as a brand ambassador, promoting certain destinations or travel agencies. You could also sell your stories and travel photos to media outlets. 

Overall, there are various ways to travel and earn. However, the requirements vary from one job to another. Based on your qualifications and interests, conduct a little research to find out the most suitable job that you are comfortable with. 

How to Practice Self-Care when Traveling

Practicing self-care should be a deliberate act when traveling. It should be something that you crave out for. Otherwise, it might not happen. Here are useful tips to help you practice self-care when traveling. 

Determine Important Things in Your Routine 

Long-term travel can become living. However, come up with a routine with things that enable you to practice self-care and stick to it. Determine which parts of your routine matter concerning your wellness and stick to doing them. This will help you maintain your overall wellbeing during the trip. 

Stay Active 

No matter how hectic your itinerary is, you can still find time to do some exercise. Exercise for at least 45 minutes. You can even go for a hike, walk, or swimming. But, make sure that you do something that will kick up endorphins in you. These are the hormones that will keep you happy and enjoying the trip. 

Stick to a Healthy Diet

This can be challenging when traveling because you don’t have time to prepare your meals. However, it’s possible to book accommodation in places where you can buy ingredients and prepare your meals. You can also pack healthy snacks to avoid eating junk and sugary foods on the road. 

Stay Hydrated 

Carry a water bottle and drink more water. Just like vegetables and fruits should be part of your diet when traveling, water should be considered a part of it too. Tropical weather and dehydration can make your trip disastrous. To avoid this, carry a bottle of water whenever you travel. 


Your body needs time to rest whether you’re traveling or not. But, resting is very important because it helps the body relax from the stress that travel brings. Therefore, make sure that you always get adequate and quality sleep when traveling.

In addition to these tips for practicing self-care when traveling, treat yourself and have fun. After all, that’s what most trips are all about. 

Travel Safety Tips for Backpackers

Job losses and the poor economy are some of the reasons why more people are backpacking to save money. However, safety is a major concern for most backpackers. If you decide to go on a backpacking trip, here are some of the safety tips that you should know before you travel.

Attend a Defense Class

Self-defense classes are available in most places. When you attend a self-defense class, you learn useful safety strategies. You are taught how to defend yourself against crooks that may attack you on the road. Even if you might not overcome an experienced, well-trained criminal, self-defense skills will make you more confident when faced by a common mugger.

Wear Pants with Hidden Pockets

Carry valuable items like credit cards, cash, and passport in hidden pockets in your pants. This ensures that muggers do not find valuables in your money belt. You can easily have hidden pockets in pant legs with seamstress skills. If you are not a sewing expert, talk to a tailor about it.

Get an Updated Travel Medical Kit

Having an updated travel medical kit is important depending on where you want to backpack to. If you are going to Africa for instance, it’s important to have doxycycline in your medical kit. Nevertheless, conduct your research in advance to know what to have in a travel medical kit depending on your destination.

Don’t Carry Cash in One Place

You can easily divide cash and hide it in multiple places. For instance, carry some of your cash in pockets and others in the backpack. You can also carry some in the hidden pockets in your pants. This ensures that even if you get robbed, you will still have some cash.

Buy Adequate Travel Insurance

Travel insurance guarantees you that somebody will have your back if you get sick or injured while backpacking. A good travel medical insurance plan will cover your evacuation and medical care regardless of where you travel to.

Follow these travel safety tips for backpackers to enjoy your next backpacking trip.

Does Travel Make You More Employable

Does Travel Make You More Employable?

While people have different reasons for traveling, there are many guaranteed benefits of travel that you can achieve regardless of your destination. If you are unemployed, there are numerous ways that travel can help you enhance your skills and, also generate new ideas to increase your chances of getting a job. Although there is no certification for travel, the experiences gained from excursions can transform critical aspects of your life that will enable you stand from the rest out when applying for a job. In case you are wondering, the following are ways that travel can increase your chances of employment.

Teaches You How to deal With Pressure

Although most people travel at their convenience, going on trips requires that you stick to the schedule for your flights, visits to parks and other activities. Besides, there are many other things that you will have to put up with when traveling like, harsh weather, unpleasant food, different dressing codes and poor transport. This means if you travel more, you will find it much easier to perform under pressure. And, that is one of the qualities that most employers today are looking for.

Offers Diverse Work Experiences

Travel can also enable you acquire a variety of work experiences to boost your CV. Today, there are many job opportunities for travelers like, farming, teaching, house sitting, travel blogging and others. Even if you just do the job for a short time, it is an experience that will remain embedded on your mind. Adding it to your CV could significantly increase your chances of getting employed in various sectors.

Traveling can also encourage you to learn new languages and show your ability to easily adapt to new environments and cultures. All these are unique characteristics that will no doubt increase your chances for success when applying for jobs. However, it is essential that when making an application, you should also present yourself in a way that will show employers that you are the right person for the job.