Fascinating Facts about Travel

Before you set off on a trip and probably switch off your devices to focus on unwinding and enjoying the experience, you should have a look at some facts about travel. After having a long talk with a travel pal of mine by the name of Austin that travels a lot thanks to his success at Southwest Appliance Repair. Here are some of the facts he shared about traveling that you will find truly fascinating:

Jet Lag Has the Worst Feeling when Traveling from West to East

The human’s internal clock has a natural sleep/wake modes cycle that is slightly longer than 24 hours. When you travel from east to west, the day becomes shorter. When you travel from east to west, the day becomes longer thereby making adapting easier for your brain.

Novelty Remembrance

Naturally, the brain is made to recall novelty. Therefore, to remember a vacation longer, include a dramatic scenery exchange in the middle. Stop sizzling on a beach and go on a boat trip out of waters. Consider spending a day in the mountains to make the experience better and memorable.

It’s Normal to Forget People’s Names

When traveling abroad, you are likely to forget people’s names a few seconds after the introduction. That doesn’t mean you are stupid or rude. It’s because the introduction happens at a time when your focus is elsewhere, and that’s on making an awesome first impression. To avoid forgetting the name of a person, use it immediately after the introduction.

You Enjoy Travel Better when You Spend Money on Experiences

Instead of spending money buying items, spend it on experiences. Experiences provide a reason for waiting in anticipation. They provide memories to remember after the trip. Additionally, experiences are sharp and short. That means you do not have sufficient time for adapting to the happenings and even normalize the mind. This is what happens after purchasing an item.

The best part of a trip is actually not the trip itself. It’s the anticipation of being away from home. However, you make the experience better when your spend time away doing things that make you happier.

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