Travel Safety Tips for Backpackers

Job losses and the poor economy are some of the reasons why more people are backpacking to save money. However, safety is a major concern for most backpackers. If you decide to go on a backpacking trip, here are some of the safety tips that you should know before you travel.

Attend a Defense Class

Self-defense classes are available in most places. When you attend a self-defense class, you learn useful safety strategies. You are taught how to defend yourself against crooks that may attack you on the road. Even if you might not overcome an experienced, well-trained criminal, self-defense skills will make you more confident when faced by a common mugger.

Wear Pants with Hidden Pockets

Carry valuable items like credit cards, cash, and passport in hidden pockets in your pants. This ensures that muggers do not find valuables in your money belt. You can easily have hidden pockets in pant legs with seamstress skills. If you are not a sewing expert, talk to a tailor about it.

Get an Updated Travel Medical Kit

Having an updated travel medical kit is important depending on where you want to backpack to. If you are going to Africa for instance, it’s important to have doxycycline in your medical kit. Nevertheless, conduct your research in advance to know what to have in a travel medical kit depending on your destination.

Don’t Carry Cash in One Place

You can easily divide cash and hide it in multiple places. For instance, carry some of your cash in pockets and others in the backpack. You can also carry some in the hidden pockets in your pants. This ensures that even if you get robbed, you will still have some cash.

Buy Adequate Travel Insurance

Travel insurance guarantees you that somebody will have your back if you get sick or injured while backpacking. A good travel medical insurance plan will cover your evacuation and medical care regardless of where you travel to.

Follow these travel safety tips for backpackers to enjoy your next backpacking trip.

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